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Dr. Houston Anderson, DC, MS, CNS

  • Quickly Avoid VISION LOSS Before Its Too Late
  • How To Heal From Sjogren's Naturally WITHOUT Drugs
  • How To Convince Any Doctor To Help You Get Off Of Medications
  • How Autoimmune Disease Is An OPPORTUNITY Not A Curse
  • Instantly Eliminate Vaginal Dryness And SAVE Your Libido From Permanent Damage 
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Learn The Following Secrets About Sjogren’s Syndrome

Secret #1

How To Avoid Sjogren's Genetics and Heal Without Dangerous Immune Suppressing Drugs

Secret #2

How To Make Sjogren's A Health Opportunity By Using Your Body's Own Immune System To Heal

Secret #3

How to Make Your Tears And Saliva Flowing Again Without Eye Drops And Lozenges

“Dr Anderson is exceptional and a blessing.”

Dr. Houston Anderson is exceptional. Went looking for "real" Applied Kinesiology skills, Our family had provider in California we depended on before relocating. This specialty has many providers that claim to use, but then you find... no, really they don't know what they're doing. Dr. Anderson's skills are outstanding. He'll find root cause for symptoms or pain other doctors are clueless on, then really gives you relief from MAJOR health issues. Finding Dr Anderson has been a true blessing. 
- Jacqui C

Author of the Sjogren’s Solution

About The Doctor

Dr. Houston Anderson, DC, MS, CNS is a board certified chiropractic physician practicing alternative, holistic and functional medicine. His unique combination of healing techniques provides unparalleled protocols to treat some of today's most chronic conditions. 
"After going to pre-med, I didn't want to be a doctor. In fact, it seemed kind of boring and repetitive. I wanted to do something fun and exciting. When I discovered autoimmune conditions and all their complexities, my brain was on fire! Ever since my first Hashimoto's case, I've been hooked. "

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